Potato Creek Johnny's

Friday, Sept 8th                                                         Mark & Jen Acoustic                                    7:00pm

                                                                                        (in the garden with outdoor cookout)

Saturday, Sept 9th                                                  The Wild Ones                                                 8:30pm

Saturday, Sept 16th                                                Cheryl and the Dynamics                           9:00pm

Saturday, Sept 23rd                                                Triple Threat                                                    9:00pm

Saturday, Sept 30th                                                Triple Shot                                                        9:00pm     

Saturday, Oct 7th                                                     Tobasco Sound                                              9:00pm

Saturday, Oct 14th                                                  Midnight                                                            9:00pm

Saturday, Oct 21st                                                  Beggars Banquet                                           9:00pm

Saturday, Oct 28th                                                 Crisis                                                                   9:00pm

Saturday, Nov 4th                                                   Wind Cypsies                                                   9:00pm

Saturday, Nov 11th                                                Wild Ones                                                          8:30pm

Saturday, Nov 18th                                               Traffic Jam                                                         9:00pm

Saturday, Nov 25th                                               Stingrays                                                             9:00pm