Potato Creek Johnny's

Live Entertainment @ 9:00 every Friday and Saturday!                                        


Friday, July 12th                                                    Blue Oynx                                                  8:00pm

Saturday, July 13th                                              Beggars Banquet                                   9:00pm

Friday, July 19th                                                    North of 90                                               8:00pm

Saturday, July 20th                                              Cross Roads                                             9:00pm

Friday, July 26th                                                    Ivy Ford                                                     8:00pm

Saturday, July 27th                                              Cruzin the Loop                                     9:00pm   

Friday. Aug 2nd                                                      Rocket                                                       8:00pm

Saturday, Aug 3rd                                                 Z28                                                              9:00 pm

Friday, Aug 9th                                                      Industrial Drive                                      8:00pm

Saturday, Aug 10th                                              Perqs                                                          9:00pm

Friday, Aug 16th                                                    Acoustic Go Time                                  8:00pm

Saturday. Aug 17th                                             Tobasko Sound                                       9:00pm

Friday, Aug 23rd                                                   John McHugh                                          8:00pm

Saturday, Aug 24th                                             TBA

Friday, Aug 30th                                                  Sucker Punch                                           8:00pm

Saturday, Aug 31st                                             Shindig                                                       9:00pm