Potato Creek Johnny's

Live Entertainment @ 9:00 every Saturday                                        

Saturday, Dec 1st                                                    Beggars Banquet                                         9:00pm

Friday, Dec 7th                                                         Lenny Baines                                                7:00pm

Saturday, Dec 8th                                                   EVO Band                                                       9:00pm

Saturday, Dec 15th                                                Band X                                                             9:00pm

Friday, Dec 21st                                                      Shanytown                                                    7:00pm

Saturday, Dec 22nd                                               Bossy Dog                                                      9:00pm

Saturday, Dec 29th                                                Rick Lindy and The Wild Ones               8:30pm

Friday, Jan 4th                                                        Strawdogs                                                      7:00pm

Saturday, Jan 5th                                                  Class of 68                                                      9:00pm

Saturday, Jan 11th                                               Triple Shot                                                      9:00pm

Friday, Jan 18th                                                     Marc and Jen                                                7:00pm

Saturday, Jan 19th                                               Midnight                                                         9:00pm

Saturday, Jan 26th                                               The Core                                                         8:30pm

Saturday, Feb 2nd                                                Crook Co. Blues Band                               9:00pm

Saturday, Feb 9th                                                 dec8de                                                            9:00pm