Potato Creek Johnny's

Live Entertainment @ 9:00 every Friday and Saturday!                                      

Friday, Nov 1st                                                     Crooked Moon                                       8:00pm

Saturday, Nov 2nd                                              Dec8de                                                     9:00pm

Friday, Nov 8th                                                    Victor Brown Band                               8:00pm

Saturday, Nov 9th                                              Deadfest                                                    9:00pm

Friday, Nov 15th                                                  Artificially Hip                                        8:00pm

Saturday, Nov 16th                                            Meteors                                                    9:00pm

Friday, Nov 22nd                                                 Eric and the Dynamos                       8:00pm

Saturday, Nov 23rd                                           John McHugh                                        9:00pm

Friday, Nov 29th                                                  Rick Lindy                                              8:30pm

Saturday, Nov 30th                                            Beggars Banquet                                9:00pm

Friday, Dec 6th                                                     Ivy Ford Band                                      8:00pm

Saturday, Dec 7th                                               Shindig                                                  8:30pm

Friday, Dec 13                                                       Cross Roads                                        8:00pm

Saturday, Dec 14th                                             Cruzin the Loop                                 9:00pm

Friday, Dec 20th                                                   Six on Friday                                       8:00pm

Saturday, Dec 21st                                              Rick Lindy                                            8:30pm

Friday, Dec 27th                                                    TBA

Saturday, Dec 28th                                               Band X                                                 9:00pm

Tuesday, Dec 31st                                                  Victor Brown Band                        9:00pm

                                                                                      New years Eve Party